My Vacation in Italy

It’s my dream that one day I would stand a chance of visiting Italy. Last month, what a huge surprise that a friend of mine sent his invitation to me to travel with him to Europe for one week and I accepted. Among journeys to Europe’s countries during the vacation, the one in Italy was something that left me unforgettable experiences. My first day in … Continue reading My Vacation in Italy

Co To Island – A Must Visit Destination

As a family-friendly island, Co To Island is located just off the Northeastern of Quang Ninh province. It is often billed as an ideal place for those who not only want to escape from life’s pressures on these summer days, but also wish to be immersed into the peace and quietness of the wilderness as well. From outside to inside, the island, which is shaped … Continue reading Co To Island – A Must Visit Destination

Interpreter – My Dream Job

It is commonly asserted that dream jobs are those enabling you to earn a great deal of money. Nonetheless, money sometimes does not mean everything simply because it cannot buy happiness. Thus, my ideal work might both pay me well and bring me great job satisfactions, and I myself wish to work as an interpreter. I really desire to be an interpreter since I am … Continue reading Interpreter – My Dream Job

Journalist – My Dream Job

In spite of the fact that I am a student majoring in English and Chinese education, I have still harbored a dream of becoming an internationally well-known journalist. It is obvious that having a clearly defined career path can certainly lead to a satisfying working life. Since the early childhood, I have had an overall picture of my would-be field of work in the future, … Continue reading Journalist – My Dream Job

Proud To Be Vietnamese

Four thousand years of national history From brilliant dynasties – Trieu, Dinh, Ly, Tran With millions of Vietnamese soldier’s deaths Skipping life for gaining independence Young generations forever cite your merits. This country’s like a steel ship Of compatriots all over the S shaped land Invisible and invincible patriotism it carries. Yellow skin with red blood – we’re proud to be Vietnamese Each person’s as … Continue reading Proud To Be Vietnamese

Fighting Global Warming: Government And Individuals

In our modern world today, global warming and climate change have recently become more and more popular, as well as debates over the possible measures that have been carried out all over the world. Some people are of the opinion that government should be held responsible for the issue; however, from my perspective, both governments and individuals should join hand to tackle the problem. On … Continue reading Fighting Global Warming: Government And Individuals