Should Smartphones Be Allowed In School?

It is common knowledge that smartphones have been accelerating in popularity. Therefore, most of the normal telephones are gradually being replaced by smartphones. Additionally,  we all know there are more than 7 billion people in the world, which leads us to beg the question that “How many smartphone users worldwide?” However, as a student, I have put into a question whether the smartphone should be allowed at school or not.

We all accept that smartphone is a modern and propitious tool. It provides us with a lot of sources, information and entertainment. However, from my perspective, smartphone should be banned at schools for a number of following main reasons.

Distraction from study

While teacher is enthusiastically delivering his lecture, students dunk into their own world in their smartphone, and become unconscious about what class is going on. As a result of this, poor academic performance is what distracted pupils will receive at the end of term.

Lack of responsibility for preparing the lessons

Instead of preparing for new lessons and reviewing previous classes, students spend most of their home time not only chatting with their classmates on social networking sites like Facebook, and Twitter, but also deeply involving in online games such as League of Legend, and Cross Fire.

Physical activities and mental issues

Once lessons are over, students spend their break playing games and surfing webs, which leads to vision problems. A prolonged sedentary lifestyle not only curbs physical activities but it also creates some kinds of blemishes. In addition, when their teacher gives them the homework, they can find the answer easily on the internet, which doesn’t train their brain to solve unknown questions.


Action games make student curious. Besides, they challenge their friends in game matches. That’s how conflict occurs.

To sum up, in my opinion, smartphones should be banned during school hours because of poor academic performance, psych-physiological tensions, student’s violence, and other numerous issues it may cause.

By Phuong Ngo



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