TNU Students With “Light To Illuminate The Ways”

TNU – On May 19th 2017, Thai Nguyen University students won the 3rd prize in the national finale of “Light to illuminate the Ways” competition. Three members of Thai Nguyen team are from the School of Foreign Languages.

“Light to illuminate the Ways” is the name of the national Olympic Competition of Marxism – Leninism and Ho Chi Minh Ideology. The aim of this competition is to promote students to study and follow the ideas, ethics of Ho Chi Minh and enhance the Party’s leadership in educating revolutionary ideas of students.

The School of Foreign Languages enthusiastically participated in this competition with 100% of the students taking the online rounds. Then in the qualifying round to make the team of Thai Nguyen University, Vu Thu Ngan, Ha Thi Linh and Nguyen Hong Nhung, all from the class English Education A – k38 were excellently chosen along with 2 others from Thai Nguyen University of Education. The team won 2 regional qualifying rounds to go straight the finale taking place in Hanoi.

Through 4 parts of the final contest: Going With Historical Flow, Connecting Knowledge, Seeking Truth and Enlightening The Ways, TNU team won the 3rd prize, the 2nd place belonged to team Vinh Long and the champion was the team of Ho Chi Minh city.

SFL’s students contributed a lot to this success, “When I knew that I am a member of team TNU, I was really surprised and happy but also very nervous because that was a great responsibility so I had to learn and practice so much. We beat other teams in the Northern qualifying rounds to be in the final one. We proved our slogan Thai Nguyen youth – calmness, confidence and victory. I hope that I will be able to participate again 2 years later and gain more success for team TNU.” Vu Thu Ngan, an SFL student, a member of team TNU said.

With their excellence which was proved, students of TNU in general and SFL in particular will definitely come back stronger in the next competition and promisingly gain much more success.

By Hai Tran


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