Should Students Have Part time Jobs?

In recent years, there has been a controversial issue over whether students should do a part-time job or only focus on their schooling. In this article, these two views are going to be discussed to identify their own pros.

On the one hand, taking a part time job is beneficial for several reasons. Initially, students can get more experience for their future job, and have a number of opportunities to apply what they have learnt at school to their tasks. Furthermore, a part-time teaches students a wide range of amazing social communication skills; therefore, they will be very competitive and flexible afterwards when being an employee in a company. Additionally, part time job gives pupils a stable finance. They can not only be able to afford their daily expense, and meet their own requirements, but also share financial burden with their family instead of relying on their parent’s supports. The salient point is that  students who work alongside their studies know exactly how much effort they make to get an object and its values; hence, they are much more thoughtful in paying out their money while the others hardly realize this because they  only spend their parent’s cash as well as do not have to work hard.

On the other hand, trying to study during college life is profitable in some aspects. Firstly, undergraduates who just take time to learn will gain not only a very good academic performance, but also a scholarship at the end of term compared to those who work part time too much and rarely have time to learn. Moreover, these students are more likely to be healthier because they do not overwork and do not suffer from any anxiety and tiredness from working. Besides,  students’ schedule changes every semester; thus,  they are not static in a job, and part time employment will be accordingly adjusted to accommodate busy school’s calendar.

To sum up, in spite of several benefits of paying attention to study, from my perspective, working while being a student has more advantages for students’ schooling, skill improvement, and financial issues.

By Hung Nguyen


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