“Open Your Book, Open Your Mind”

Reading has been a source of entertainment for a long time due to its cheapness and long-term benefits such as developing your imagination and creativity, improving your writing and boosting your self-esteem.

During the first half of April, Bookworm – a club of English books ran a project called Reading Day in order to encourage reading habits among teenagers and promote the image of the club, as well as the School of Foreign Languages to other parts of Thai Nguyen province. The two first selected places were Dai Tu and Nguyen Hue High school (Dai Tu district). The students there not only had a good time together but also knew more about value of reading books. “I can’t imagine that reading books has such a lot of advantages, from now on, I’ll read more and more”, a student expressed.

Reading is a good habit, but many people find it hard to take up because of the popularity of technology. To make reading become a part of your daily life, you should choose kinds of books you want to read, such as comics, novels or the series of Chicken Soup for the Soul. Besides, putting it in your sight also helps you read more. For instance, when you are bored, instead of grabbing the smart phone and starting to surf social networks, reading some funny stories can also make you feel better. So, laying a book at your desk or near your bed is a brilliant idea. It is even more intelligent if you have it in your bag in order to read at any time you want.

“Reading day” was a precious experience to the students. It conveys a message which is also Bookworm’s slogan: “Open your book, open your mind”.

By Dung Le


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