Music – A Therapy For Exam Anxiety

Another final exam period is coming to SFL’s freshmen and sophomores. Due to the high pressure, they are likely to be stressed. One of the best solutions for this problem is listening to music.

Obviously, we cannot deny the power of music, especially in studying. Students need to figure out the relaxing effects of music on their studying ability in order to exploit its potential to the full.

As proved by scientists, music not only helps us to relax but also strengthens our memories. In addition, you can definitely listen to some tunes as the background music while studying. Non lyrical and instrumental types are also good choices because they may aid focus on a task by giving motivation and offering an emotional boost.

If you have been working for long hours, take a short break and listen to some songs that you like. There are numerous music genres to choose depending on individual hobbies. Rock ’n Roll and EDM (Electronic Dance Music), for instances, are for chilling out since they make listeners feel pleasant. Providing you are a lover of light music, don’t miss ballad melodies with harmonious sounds. Furthermore, the original soundtrack of your favorite movie is also worth listening.

It is hoped that SLFers will achieve high marks in the upcoming examination with the help of their favorite music.


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