Blood Donation

A few people would claim that you shouldn’t donate your blood. It is irrefutable that donating blood is an act of humanity and you can save three people if you give your blood. However, many people are scared of it. Some people are afraid of needles, other people are fear of colors- for instance, red; the others aren’t sure about their feelings. I used to wonder if it was hurt, safe, and I might become fat when I donated my blood. I think those are also the questions that donators wonder.

In my view, it is not hurt and quite safe. Your blood will be tested more than one time. Therefore, it is safe for patients who was donated blood. That you are fat or not depends on the demands of your body so that you don’t need to worry about it. Be brave! Frankly, my health is not good but I tried to give my blood. I went to the blood donation day, I did almost things, but, at last, I was shocked; hence, I couldn’t make it. I went home and thought about that day. There is only one thing I can’t deny that donation is an elevated and meaningful act I would like to recommend that you should try to donate your blood and feel about it. I am looking forward to listening to your feelings.


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