An Unforgettable Day

It was a lovely day with a perfect weather in last summer. We, a group of best friends, decided to have a picnic at Coc Lake after we had planned it for months. We traveled by cars and expected to have a wonderful day. Unfortunately, troubles began at the moment I jumped into the car.

“You should take some pills so as not to get a carsick. You know how weak you are!” H said and drew me into the house before we could go. “But it’s late and we won’t have enough time to enjoy the picnic. Come on! It’s just a short trip. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine!” sighed GT. Nervous, I wondered for a while; I didn’t want my holiday to be destroyed by any dumb carsick, but the pills always need lots of time and we could really miss all the fun. Finally, I smiled with a positive thought “Perhaps she’s right. It’s not that far and everything’s gonna be alright”.

But I was wrong, terribly wrong. The smell of air-conditioner made me feel dizzy. So, when we arrived, I found somewhere to take a rest with a hope that I would soon be better. However, a fool would always be stupid. I tried all adventurous games and they rotated me like a wheel, which made me feel awful. Since then, I couldn’t play any others till the end of the day. As we began to leave, I became worse and worse, I vomited all the way home. After all, it turned into the most horrible day in my life. Not until that moment did I realize how fool I was! So, I vowed that I would never go back there again, even in my dreams.

By Dat Le


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