SFL Intelligence Contest Finishes Successfully

SFL-TNU – On 21st April, 2017 the SFL‘s Intelligence Contest found the winner. Tu Van Cuong, a third-year student, rang the golden bell after answering 20 questions.

After the success of the Miss competition, students were eager to take part in a new contest. To satisfy that expectation, the SFL English Department along with Community English Club held the Contest of SFL’s Intelligence with the purpose of developing both professional and social knowledge of students. Not only did it show students’ ability but also created a great chance for students to compete with others and relax.

Many participants had to be out due to many hard questions of the show. When they reached question number 11, only two candidates survived. Fortunately, they received the help from their teachers through an amazing game with balloons, then all 50 students were able to be back on track. Finally, Tu Van Cuong from K36 excellently beat the other 49 competitors and won the first prize. Vu Van Duy from K36 was the second runner-up and Pham Thu Uyen from K37 was the third one.

“I’m happy when all students are very highly enthusiastic to join this contest and answer questions. With the efficient support of CEC, we brought a useful playing field to students. In addition, I hope there will be 100 students competing next year.” said Mrs. Vu Thi Luyen, an English teacher of SFL, one of the judges.

Next month, we will have another amazing contest. That is SFL’s Got Talent’s, the show which has been expected by many students for a long time. Plenty of awesome performances are waiting for all of you to enjoy!

By Mai Nhung


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