Nguyen Hue Students Experience First Reading Day

Dai Tu – On April 10, 2017, students of Nguyen Hue high school had a great chance to experience the fantastic Reading Day offered by the teachers and volunteers from SFL.

Nearly 60 students of Nguyen Hue high school participated actively in the activities organized by the SFL volunteers, such as poetry reading, quick question answering, book placement and book model presentation with small but meaningful gifts. They felt very excited and loved the reading day because they not only played fun games but also participated in the reading corner with many useful books.

SFL volunteers showed their talent and dynamism through the decoration of the reading corners. They used various English books in very creative ways to decorate each corner. Moreover, they also organized interesting games for the students at Nguyen Hue high school. Despite feeling tired, everyone was very excited to participate in the reading day and left beautiful memories for the teachers and students.

New Microsoft Word Document-2
SFL volunteers were decorating the reading corners

“These were really great and necessary experiences for all our students. We would like to be able to go to many schools to organize more reading events and promote the image of our school to everyone,” Dinh Thi Hong Ngoc, an SFL volunteer said.

Reading days are held in high schools to encourage and develop student reading habits raise awareness of the great significance of reading for advanced anthropological content, knowledge and skills. Also, they stimulate the development of thinking, education and training. At the same time, this is a tribute to the value of books, confirming the role, position and importance of books in our life.

Reading days will be held at other high schools in Thai Nguyen. You can keep track of volunteer activities on the fanpage and SFLook.

By Huyen Ha


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