My Love Story

Have you ever been in love with someone that you would sacrifice your life a thousand times just to make your darling happy? I have. Well, the reason why people hold onto memories so tight is because they do not change, when people do. Today, a sweltering summer day, I was on my car travelling around to get some refreshments. As soon as I got on my car, the rain started pouring in, so unpredictably. It’s like while you are enjoying a pleasing summer sky, and then you are dancing under the rain. People, are unpredictable…. As I went through memorable panorama, my memories also began their own adventure, passing time and space and taking me back to the good old days.

It had been a rush fourteen years since my heartbreak story occurred. It was an unforgettable summer afternoon in the year 1994, when I was working in Hanoi in order to support my sick mother and my heavy drinking father. The weather was fine until a suddenly rain came. While walking aimlessly, bathing my body with the great natural shower, I had met Mary, a girl with long blonde hair. We both looked for a cover, and a bus station was our shelter. It was so unpredictably! After a tranquility time, we began to talk to each other, laughed effervescently until the sky started clearing up again. She worked as a waitress in a coffee near my office. As time passed by, we got to know each other well. My lifeline in those dreamy days went by extraordinarily happy. Those messages, those late night callings; those beautiful songs we sang together….

“Hey please drive carefully, you want to die?”, a loud voice forced me awake when I was about to hit his car. I asked him for forgiveness and promised to myself not to be so slapdash again. The gentle breeze, the moody song played on the radio, once again gave me a chance to walk along my flashback……

However, life is not a dream. It was just right before indicating the idea of marriage that I received the shift order, and a city, which is nearly 300 km further, was my new destination. Tears following after, we were so disheartened but I could not resist the work order which my entire family had depended on. She had promised me that she would be waiting for me no matter what. Then the image of my ever-beloved girl had been slowly faded through the window as the car deliberately increased the separation between us…”Dear God, the only thing I ask of you is to hold her when I’m not around, when I’m much too far away”, the lyrics of a familiar song hit my mind pretty hard…. Six months later, I returned to the coffee shop where she worked with purpose to surprise her. My heart was filled with the sense of happiness that I would see my darling again. However, her frosty attitude drove me dumbfounded. She said that she needed a man who could care for her, not a faraway lover. I could not react against her words, but let every delightful moment flash in my mind with a taste as sour as vinegar in my mouth. Then her husband came to pick her up. She was in a hurry getting on the car, without farewell. People say that bad things happen for a reason, but no wise words could stop my bleeding. I was silent. Silent is the most wicked scream. Wandering off haphazardly, I felt like the last piece of my life, which was about to complete me, had been powerfully taken away. It was beyond my very culmination.

Sometimes things came flooding back following my memory lane, shredded my heart down into pieces; and sometimes you have to realize that some people can only stay in your heart, not your life. There are a million times I want to change myself. But I did not. Perhaps I want to stay the same as the day you had left me. How did I end up like this?

By Le Tran Huy – English Language A K37

– Winner of the February Writing Contest



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