My Love Story

It was a beautiful August- September afternoon in my life, that was when my heart suddenly started pounding hard as if it had never ever known its existence before, deep down in my chest. Eventually, after a long period of grim and remorse trying to fulfill a promise of mine that I’ll never let anyone down again, there was something changing inside me very slowly but strongly enough that could make me shaky and contemplative at the same time, though. The new school was good, but blending-in seemed to be an arduous task for me to go through as it always happens to kind of introvert person like me : talking, communicating, team-work, even commuting back and forth a lot of time for studying at school also irritated me, nettled every single aspect in my life so uncomfortable that there was a time I wished I would have eradicated so cantankerous these things. I wondered myself what if the aloof pattern of my life style could take me down some time for its tedious melody did not going to affect or ruin any time loop or the mighty universe as the endless fictional story in Marvel superhero films always starts with. Then, vòila! there “she” was, like a fantastic whirl of magic come out of a wand in my favorite Harry Potter comic, my ”Alice in the wonderland” walked into my life and changed it sweetly with her mercy and grace as an immaculate angel blessing on the poor and miserable people. Maybe, there was always a hard time for everybody, just because you could not run away from it for your whole life but to face up with it, and certainly you’ll be the most lucky person in the world when you are not alone. And for me, since she span around and smiled to me that afternoon, the earth has stopped spinning to rejoice with us for a brand new start like a shooting star reforms discrete shape from its debris. As her whisper: “Love to feel not alone in this life, together!”

By Tran Ha Bac – English Education K38

– Second runner up of the February Writing Contest


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