Light Off For A Bright Future

Since the dawn of history, creating light in the shape of a fire has opened the very first realm to the evolution of human society, from cave-man to the modern appearance as we look like today. But everything has it dark side and human intellect is not an exception, which has turned out to be a series of catastrophes: deforestation, soil degradation, air pollution, and the over population and so on, all diverge to an end of the object we called “ Home”.

As the matter of fact, we could have possibly harmed our Home without consciousness of a terse minor action, even throwing a piece of seemingly harmless  waste-paper through your car door-glasses. Who knew if it could lead to a fire whose smoke would have lacerate the Ozone layer, accidentally expunge our only protective vanguard. In the other way, despite her almighty grace, the Earth is much more vulnerable than we ever thought.

It is no surprise for us to learn that there are some parts on Earth, beside the innovation of the world lately, still do not keep on track with those improvements. Everything  was so simple as it comes to me when I recall to my childhood back in my hometown several years ago. At that time, “Electricity” was a kind of brand-new concept sputtering throughout a small town which immersed itself into a sleep, casted out any opportunities to connect to the world outside. Yet in a blink of an eye, things have significantly changed since a giant wire-network of national project conducted by the government in order to bring artificial light to remote regions in the country. My family was extremely thrifty in using lighting-bulb and proud because we were the first ones approaching to this modern device. We even scheduled a detailed time-table of lighting which turned  it into a miracle and mystery to me every time when the night fell. I realized myself that the more the lack of convenience is, the more people appreciate what they have attained, and the light deserves respect as a gift from our natural Mother: Earth.

In my opinion, there will be no solution to resolve the environment issue if people do not change their attitude toward these destructive actions which surely come up from human greedy abyss. Please take the initial step by switching unnecessary lights off on the Earth day this month as a motivation to spur immediate actions in saving our home! “Light off for a bright future”.

By Tran Ha Bac – English Education K38

Winner of the March Writing Contest


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