Fighting Global Warming: Government And Individuals

In our modern world today, global warming and climate change have recently become more and more popular, as well as debates over the possible measures that have been carried out all over the world. Some people are of the opinion that government should be held responsible for the issue; however, from my perspective, both governments and individuals should join hand to tackle the problem.

On the one hand, an effectual solution for the problem that the locals can offer is raising voices toward global warming. Via social networking sites, and mass media, residents can express their concern over the situation, and encourage government to legislate new environmental policies that put industrial emissions and chemical pollutants under control. A more effective solution is to reduce energy consumption. Switching off lights, and other electrical appliancies before going out is a must to decrease electric pressure, and save power considerably.

On the other hand, government should make effort to address the issue by preventing deforestation. That is to say, governments should attempt in widening landforest by planting trees  and increasing reforestation, raising inhabitants’ awareness of consuming and making full use of recycled products. A good example of this is when human being recycles used materials which then are converted into new products, the exploitation of raw materials and natural resources like tropical forests will be reduced significantly. Hence, the lung of the Earth will be reconstructed and the ecobalance will be restored.

However, there are a wide range of remedies for both government and individuals to co-operate in solving the phenomenom. Initially, engaging in event “The Earth Hour” which stimulates businesses and communities to turn off non-essential lights is a necessity. Another practical remedy is eco-friendly transportation. Walking, riding electric vehicles, and traveling by hybrid cars will contribute to buliding a sustainable economy, improving health, and probably protecting the environment.

To sum up, it seems to be more crucial for not only government but also locals to work together in mitigating global warming and climate change than resolve the issue separately.

By Nguyen Van Hung – English Language A K37

Second runner up of the March Writing Contest



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