An Inspirational Movie



Being the movie with the most viewers, Dat Phuong Nam directed by Nguyen Vinh Son and starring the young talented actor Hung Thuan, leaves good impression in the mind of audiences around the country.

The content of the movie was about the tough life of a small boy called An. Because of being orphaned, An had to live with his grandparents in a small boats. This meant his life was filled with fishing memories and he was not allowed to go to school.

However, An had deep passion of learning so he often stood outside the classroom to observe others when there was no work. His action was soon noticed by the teacher and she decided to talk to his grandparents. At first, his grandparents disagreed because they did not want any change in his life. After one week of persuasion, An was allowed to go to class and he was really happy about that.

An quickly caught up with friends because of his intelligence. However, conflicts started to begin when two of his classmates were jealous with his results. They even hit An several times and the teacher had to intervene.

After many years of trying to study, An got success and had a sufficient life in the city. His grandparents took turn to pass away but An could never forget how hard he was with them.

The movie is typical for the lifestyle of the southern population in Vietnam. Through the boy’s len, the culture of living in the river is clearly shown and the simple life of the poor makes audiences feel sorry.

By Tzila


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