March Writing Contest Finds Winners


SFL-TNU – On 10th April, 2017 the March Writing Contest result was revealed. Tran Ha Bac, a second year student, won the first prize.

With the success witnessed from the previous ones, the English Department of School of Foreign Languages continued to hold the writing contest of March with the theme: “Lights off for a bright future”. Supporting the annual Earth Hour, the contest emphasized the importance of saving energy for a better environment by turning off all electrical equipment for 1 hour. Likewise, students were able to practise and improve their writing skills more and more.


Through a month with 45 meaningful submissions, the judges announced the contest result. Tran Ha Bac from class English Education A K38 is the winner of the month’s contest with an outstanding essay. The second place belongs to Nguyen Van Hung from class English Language A K37 and third runners up are Dao DinhManh, Nguyen Van Hoan and Luu Thi Tuyen, all from English Education K37.

“These essays are fantastic as the participants have clearly demonstrated their responsibility and concern towards a very hot issue – environment. Also, I was impressed with their language use, particularly their academic vocabulary. They all did a great job!” said Mrs. Le Thi KhanhLinh, an English teacher of School of Foreign Languages, one of the judges.

“I am very surprised and happy, I hope that the contest will be remained longer and longer in the future for students of our school to practise English.” Dao Dinh Manh, the student who achieved the 3rd place reported.

Back to the next writing contest of this month, it is witnessed a difference in writing genre. Students will write about such a wonderful topic: “Vietnam In My Heart”. The contest promisingly brings a great number of remarkable poems which express students’ love for our charming country.

Hai Tran


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